EFFTER were formed by Frank F and JQR.
Both from Milan (Italy) they met in Berlin (Germany) in the summer of 2009.

Their music is a mixture of Frank F and JQR's musical backgrounds combined with the current electronic wave to create a brand new sound.
In addition to electronic atmospheres and an enormous range of music (from metal and noise to electro, breakcore, etc.), EFFTER are inspired by criminology, psychology, poetry, literature, cinema and more. 

From 2009 until now EFFTER have released 3 Full-Length albums and 10 Eps.

In 2019, EFFTER create Sickle Records, their own music label entirely dedicated to extreme musical expressions.

Conceived, organised and materialised during a long period in which the band put aside its own prolificity, in order to give space to a project made with the intention of distributing, promoting and supporting musicians committed to an artistic proposal drawn on the most primal source of inspiration: pain.

Frank F : Lyrics, guitars, piano, bass, vocals
JQR : Drum and synths programming, noise, sampling, cello



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